British Street Artist Ben Eine was in town recently for a solo show at White Walls.  While he was here he stayed busy completing over 30 individual pieces, including a colossal four story piece on Hayes and Octavia, pictured above.  I stayed pretty busy myself covering his activity, including an artist profile for Warholian (HERE) and an interview for (HERE).  My first ever interview was with freakin’ Eine, that’s not a bad artist to start with.  Life is crazy, hope you enjoy the coverage. :-)

Below are a few of my favorite pieces, but check out all of his works on the Bay Area Street Art Map.  Simply click on THIS LINK to go to the map, then search “Eine” and then a complete list of his SF works will show up.

Damn tree ruined my composition…

Some of you might recognize this location… Gaia used to be here.

There’s a cool story to go with this piece, it’s best expressed in this video put together by Colin M. Day.  Picture was taken from Warholian and G2sf flickr