I love projects like this one.  It’s creative, it makes me smile and spreads a little happiness to anyone who runs into it.  Just in time for Mother’s day, Jeff Waldman and Dave Harmatz of OhSanFran have created and installed a few of these Mother’s day free card dispensers.  Here’s what Jeff had to say about the project:

I wanted to share with you a mini-project from over the weekend– we installed Mother’s Day card kiosks next to mailboxes. Pre-stamped cards, pictures of flowers and a simple note in each. Pens included.  No excuse not to send Mom some love. The hope is that simple stuff like this gets contagious. Pictures and a longer explanation HERE.

Many of you may remember OhSanFran’s past projects including my personal favorite, The Happiness Project where they installed several, functioning swings around SF.  I posted a video documenting the project on the home page.

Don’t forget to call, write, email or visit Mom this Sunday!

Happy Monday everyone. :-)

Happy Mother’s day Mom :-D