Street Art: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The name is starting to make sense now, right?  This is an art form that is both vulnerable and dependent upon an often hostile and unpredictable environment, be it the weather, other artists, cleaning crews, advertisers, taggers.  And yet, in cities all over the world, there are artists creating new things and placing them outside, knowing (more often expecting) the entire time their master piece might be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

The focus of this website is the Bay Area Street Art Map.  I have been following blogs and magazines about street art for a long time and through them I have been exposed to some amazing creative talent from all over the world.  I think other websites do an amazing job exposing the world to great talent, but this site is a little different in that it is focused on giving you (the art loving, online browser) directions to these art works in the actual streets.  I think there is a ton to be gained by seeing these pieces outside in the context they were created for.  Thus, the Bay Area Street Art Map was born.  Right now this site is dedicated to the street art and graffiti of the bay area because that is my backyard, but there is definitely room for this idea to expand.

Also check out the download-able mobile map for your smart phone.

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