How to download the episode choose your story game

The gaming industry has grown over the years due to the innovation in technology; this has led to incorporation of gaming experiences by people all over the planet. The episode choose your story game is one of the games that have been greatly accepted by the gaming people, if the downloads that it is recording is anything to go episode choose your story hack by. The episode choose your story game is one of the interactive games that have revolutionized the gaming industry and that that is why it has recorded the downloads it is recording. In case you are wondering on how to get the game, you need to download. This article will therefore give you steps of downloading the game.

Search in play store

The episode chooses your story game is available in various internet sites where you can get it by just downloading it from there. To get the game therefore you are required to search it in the play stores by just typing the name episode game and you will get it in the results. It is about 170 MB so confirm that it is the one.

Download the gaming app

Once you have searched it and gotten it in the play store, you need to download it so that you can get it in your [phone as an app. To do this you just have to click the app and it will take you to the option of download. Click the button and choose where to store the app in your phone. Once you have clicked, on the download button, you will be able to see the progress of the download in percentage and you just have to wait until it has finished.
Install the game
Once the download is over, just click the notification in your device and it will give you the install option. Click the install button and you will see the progress read more of your device installing the gaming app. Once it is finished just open it and create your profile in the game, and from there you can go ahead and enjoy the game.