This is where technology, street art and art history meet. And it is going to be awesome. I haven’t started this project yet, but I wanted to outline my ideas for you.

First off… This is a QR Code:

QR codes are similar to bar codes, in that you scan them. Most smartphones including iphones, blackberries, and android phones have free QR code scanning applications available (here is a list of QR Scanning apps, or on your smartphone’s app store search for “QR Code” ). The app basically uses the phone’s camera to scan the code and then the device is directed to whatever the code was generated for. For example, if you scan this code with your phone you’ll be directed to the GoneTomorrowSF homepage.

Now that we got that out of the way, I can explain the project. I’ve been inspired by the Street Artist Invader but I’m going to add my own little art history twist. Basically this project is dedicated to creating a visual database of street artworks in the bay area  that are no longer around.  Basically once an artwork has been painted over/cleaned away/or faded from the weather, I will generate an individual QR code for that artwork, which once scanned will link to an image and description of the peice. I will then mount that code to a mosaic tile and cement it somewhere near the site of the original piece. Then there will be a small, site specific record of the artwork that was there before. The idea is that a passerby may see this code and out of curiosity, scan it. They will then be linked to an image/description of the art work that used to be on the wall right in front of them.

The location and community a street artwork is placed in is an important component to understanding that artwork more completely.  I think the placement of the artwork is something that should be seriously considered when viewing these artworks, thus the QR Code Project.

I haven’t started this project yet, because I’m focused on getting the street art map up to speed. But here are some pictures of the tiles as I make them, hopefully that illustrates the project a little better:

I start by generating a QR code and printing on regular paper… This QR code is for the Trust Your Struggle Mural in Oakland, and if you scan that code, it will direct your phone to a picture of the mural.

Next you cut it out and glue it to a ceramic tile.

Then you spray the crap out of it with chemicals to seal it in and make it water proof and ready to face the elements

And Ta-da! QR code tile is prepped and ready for action. Eventually I’ll cement this tile somewhere near the original and there will be a small, site specific record of the artwork that was there before.  Completely accessible to anyone who can go online!

Still confused about this project? Want to know more?  Send me an email, I’d be happy to explain.